Graphic shows red hydrants

About us

Biatech is a brand created with the aim of providing outstanding, modern, durable and safe products, which are used in many branches of the economy. We are a family company for whom values such as trust, respect and honesty are as important in private life as in business.

Familiarise yourself with the 3 pillars on which we base our day-to-day business, our cooperation with partners and the continuous development of our company:

A comprehensive offer used by leading customers at home and abroad.

For years, we have been one of the key manufacturers of service technologies and solutions in the field of fire protection, equipment supporting hydrants, extinguishers and water supply systems, as well as computer software for monitoring inspections and keeping records. More than 1500 companies from Poland and Europe have already taken advantage of our tools and solutions.

Excellent quality, ensured by high-end products.

We pay special attention to both the quality and reliability of our solutions, which is best confirmed by the thorough testing they undergo.

Each product, before it leaves our factories and reaches the customer, must meet the most stringent norms and strict technical standards - which at the same time guarantee its durability and functionality.

Understanding and respect towards customers, resulting in innovative solutions.

Over 10 years of continuous development we have gained experience and skills in listening to the needs of our contractors.

As a result, we provide products that are the perfect answer to their requirements. They improve work efficiency and safety and, above all, make their business grow with us.