Hydrant capacity testing equipment series H-TEST Companies TECHPRES are devices based on many years of experience of the company BIATECH. TECHPRES equipment uses materials with even higher strength and durability. This series is addressed to companies and institutions which use the above mentioned equipment even more intensively.

H-TEST INDIVIDUAL to a machine that you configure yourself. Depending on your needs, the tasks you carry out or new orders, you can freely compose the device.

If you need help, please contact us.

Components to be used were created in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Białystok University of Technology.

The H-TEST INDIVIDUAL kit can include the following components: 

- bodies 25 and/or 52 with handles and quick couplings,
- set of indoor and outdoor hydrant test nozzles (8 pieces),
- pressure gauge up to 1.6 MPa,
- pressure gauge up to 1.0 MPa,
- adapter 25/52,
- adapter 52/75,
- reduction for hydrants DN33
- flat-fold hose 25 with fittings,
- flat mounted hose 52 with fittings,
- flat mounted hose 75 fittings,
- Outlet guide vanes for external hydrants with swivel base,
- universal key for hydrants,
- key for underground hydrants,
- covers caps 75,
- stand for underground hydrant 75,
- storage and transport system - stacked red on wheels,
- socket 25GW, socket 25GZ
- Cockpit 52GW, Cockpit 52GZ
- technical and operating documentation,
- declaration of conformity,
- calibration certificate for the crystallised test nozzles,
- pressure gauge calibration certificate,
- authorisation certificate.