Intelligent Pump Controller


This automatic water pressure controller is equipped with a built-in pressure sensor and controls the pump automatically using digital sensor technology. Real-time data on pressure changes and water consumption in the pipelines are sent to the master system and the pump will be started or stopped accordingly, so it can completely replace the traditional water supply system, which consists of a pressure switch. This controller is well insulated. The high-voltage parts with electricity are completely insulated and the housing is highly sealed. All this makes its use safer and more reliable. The integrated design saves more time and money during installation.


Maximum pressure: 10 bar
BSP connection: 1"
Maximum water temperature: 60°C
Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum pump power: 2.2 kW
Maximum rated current: 16 A
Dry-running protection for the pump: Yes
Degree of protection: IP54
Display: Digital
Autoreset: Yes
Power cable with plug: Yes - 1.0 m
Cable to pump: Yes - 0.5 m