Intelligent Pump Controller



Supply type 3x400V/3x400V


VFA-10LT 4 kw 400V inverter

Application of the VFA-10LT 4 kw 400V inverter:

  • water pressure control.

Facilities in which the VFA-10LT 4 kw 400V inverter will find use: 

  • residential areas,
  • houses,
  • schools and kindergartens,
  • entertainment venues,
  • industry, etc.

Device characteristics VFA-10LT 4 kw 400V inverter:

  • uses industry-leading SPWM technology - Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation,
  • together with advanced pressure sensing technology, records changes in pipeline pressure in real time and adjusts the pump speed,
  • has dry-running pump protection,
  • makes the outlet pressure constant, thus saving water and electricity (up to 60%),
  • easy-to-use interface, LCD display,
  • there is no need for maintenance by professionals,
  • has comprehensive protection functions, i.e. no water, output short circuit, overcurrent, low voltage, high voltage, locked rotor and other technologies,
  • works with all types of pumps and motors, regardless of manufacturer,
  • makes the use of water enjoyable and improves quality of life.

Equipment included VFA-10LT 4 kw 400V inverter:

  • inverter,
  • pressure transmitter (10 or 16 bar),
  • power cable with plug,
  • cable to pump,
  • instruction manual.