High quality submersible pumps. made of stainless steel. High efficiency, solid workmanship

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Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps are designed to deliver clean water from deep wells. An extensive range allows us to meet the requirements specified by designers, users or investors.

Submersible pumps are fitted with properly selected non-return, safety and operational information fittings. Depending on the electrical installation, the pumps can operate using a single-phase (1F) or three-phase (3F) power source.

We have pumps in both 3″ and 4″ versions.

In addition, we have stainless steel pumps available in case of difficult working conditions.

The quality of materials used ensures reliability, maintenance-free operation and control of the pumps. The selection of components and solutions is considered individually each time according to the customer. 
We also have in our offer pumps with higher parameters of TECHPRES brand.

Submersible pump 3" SMD 3/15 0,55kW/230V 1ph

Technical specifications
  • Power(kW): 0,55
  • Performance: Q 2.4m³/h at lifting height47m
  • Maximum lift height:62m
  • Pump diameter(inches):3
  • Height:99.5cm
  • Cable length: 20m

Submersible pump 3" SMD 3/25 0,55kW/230V 1ph

Technical specifications

  • Power(kW): 1,1
  • Performance: Q 2.4m³/h at lifting height79m
  • Maximum lift height:104m
  • Pump diameter(inches):3
  • Height:141cm
  • Cable length: 20m

Submersible pump 3.5" SMD 4/21 2.2kW/230V

Technical specifications
  • Power(kW): 2,2
  • Capacity: Q 4m³/h at 92m head
  • Maximum lifting height: 118m
  • Pump diameter (inches):4
  • Height: 139cm
  • Cable length: 20m

Submersible Pump 4" SMD 4/8 0,75kW/230V 1ph

Technical specifications
    • Power(kW): 0,75
    • Performance: Q 4.2m³/h at lifting height37m
    • Maximum lift height: 59m
    • Pump diameter(inches):4
    • Height:79cm
    • Cable length: 20m

Submersible pump 4" SMD 4/21 2,2kW/230V 1ph

Technical specifications
  • Power(kW): 2,2
  • Capacity: Q 4.2m³/h at a head of101m
  • Maximum lift height: 156m
  • Pump diameter (inches):4
  • Height: 139cmCable length: 20m