Mini Hydrophores


KAJA VFD SHM2-60 intelligent mini hydro plant is a hydrophore set equipped with a horizontal, multi-stage, electric centrifugal pump with axial thread suction opening and radial thread discharge opening, and what distinguishes our product from the competition is the intelligent inverter controlling the operation of the set.


The intelligent inverter is an integrated system that maintains constant pressure with varying water demand in the system and, in addition, by adjusting the pump motor speed to the varying operating conditions of the system, allows a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

The innovative high-efficiency hydraulic system is connected to a new generation of mechanically sealed motor.


The pump is suitable for clean water without solid or abrasive contaminants on the internal parts of the unit. On all models KAJA VFD stainless steel approved for use in drinking water installations was used.

Technical specifications of the kit

- Max capacity (l/min): 33
- Max capacity (m3/h): 2m³/h
- Lifting height (m):43
- Suction capacity (m):
- Motor power (W):750
- Motor power (kW): 0.75
- Power supply (V):230
- Spigot size (inches):1×1

- Diaphragm tank: 5L
- Tank type: diaphragm
- Tank orientation: vertical
- Max pressure (Bar): 8
- Glycerine manometer diameter: 63mm, cl; 1,6
- Pressure range: 0-10bar
- Housing: stainless steel

- Input voltage: 1*230V
- Output voltage: 3*230V
- Pressure sensor: 20V, 4-20mA
- Pressure setting range: 0.5 - 9 bar
- Input current frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Output current frequency: 20-50 Hz
- Dimensions: 210x173x131
- Power: 1.5 kW
- Maximum rated current: 17.4 A
- Dry-running pump protection: Yes
- Display: Digital
- Autoreset: Yes
- Pressure transmitter included: Yes (10 or 16 bar)
- Power cable with plug: Yes (for 230V)
- Cable to pump: Yes