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SMOKE cartridge for SOLO 365

Solo C3 test gas 250ml

CO test gas aerosol for multi-detector carbon monoxide detectors.

Many multisensor detectors detect the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) as well as smoke and/or heat. According to international regulations and standards, the operation of a CO detector must be tested using a stimulus that simulates CO.
The Solo C3, used in conjunction with the Solo 330 tester, provides a safe way to dispense CO at concentrations high enough to sound an alarm and low enough not to pose a health risk to the user.

Key features:

  • Approved by many detector manufacturers;
  • Original and non-flammable CO stimulus;
  • Controlled dosage;
  • Designed for use with the Solo 330-001 tester
  • Capacity: 250ml;
  • Storage temperature: <50°C;
  • Diameter: 66mm;
  • Height: 155mm;
  • Weight: 60g.