TESTIFIRE 1001 / 2000

TESTFIRE 1001 Complete Universal Smoke and Heat Tester

Application of the TESTFIRE 1001:

Universal point detector tester, with land, air and marine applications. 

Detectors for which the device is intended:

  • smoke detectors,
  • heat detectors,
  • multi-sensor detectors.

Characteristics of the TESTFIRE 1001:

  • approved by many detector manufacturers,
  • Smoke and heat are produced in a single test device and are applied separately or (for the first time) together, as required,
  • stimuli combined in one test provide faster activation times for multisensor detectors - test times reduced by up to 66%,
  • constant and controlled portions of the test stimulus prevent damage to the detectors,
  • Instead of high-pressure aerosol cans, TESTIFIRE uses special interchangeable smoke capsules,
  • more tests without changing consumables,
  • By replacing high-pressure aerosol cans with capsules, the user gains: non-flammability of test agents, elimination of hazards associated with pressurised cans and reduction of transport and storage costs,
  • A unique cleaning procedure ensures rapid detector reset without repeated alarms,
  • safe and convenient as there are no power cables - battery powered (2 NiMH rechargeable batteries and quick charger).

Equipment included in TESTFIRE 1001:

  • TESTFIRE Testhead 1000-001,
  • smoke capsule TS3-001 (1 pc),
  • baton with battery 770-001 (2 pcs.),
  • quick charger 727-001 (1 pc.),
  • documents and instructions.

TESTFIRE 1001 is compatible with:

  • SOLO telescopic poles