SOLO 365 Optical Smoke Detector Tester

SOLO 365 Optical Smoke Detector Tester

Application of the SOLO 365:

Testing of optical smoke detectors with a proximity sensor that automatically initiates the test (no need to press the diaphragm against the ceiling).

Detectors for which the device is intended:

  • optical smoke detectors

Features of the SOLO 365:

  • approved by many detector manufacturers,
  • lightweight and easy to use,
  • Automatic LED backlighting for testing in dark rooms,
  • transparent diffuser to allow viewing of the detector under test,
  • Universal design to suit a wide range of detectors,
  • swing frame for use in corners,
  • controlled dosing using interchangeable, low-pressure hoppers,
  • eco-friendly (elimination of aerosol cans). 

Equipment included in SOLO 365:

  • SOLO 365 test head,
  • SOLO 370 lithium-ion battery (1 battery),
  • SOLO 371 smoke generator (1 unit),
  • SOLO ES3 smoke canister (1 unit),
  • USB charger SPARE106.

The SOLO 365 tester is compatible with:

  • SOLO telescopic poles