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Hose tester

Use of the Hose Tester:

The device is used to check for hose leaks.

Hoses for which the device is designed:

  • hoses terminated with storz type couplings.

Hose tester characteristics:

  • A pump installed inside the unit, powered by a 230 V electric motor, allows water to be forced into the test hoses and pressure tested,
  • The pressure is set using a regulator and is indicated on a two-digit LED display,
  • mobile device,
  • up to four hoses can be tested (thanks to an additional manifold),
  • folding frame for easy transport.

Equipment included in the hose tester:

  • folding frame with enclosure,
  • motor with pump,
  • water connection terminated with a cap,
  • warranty card,
  • declaration of conformity,
  • technical and operational documentation.

The hose tester can be retrofitted with the following components:

  • manifold allowing 4 hoses to be tested (manifold)