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Hose dryer SW230

Application of the SW230 hose dryer:

  • drying of the inner surfaces of the hoses after the water pressure tests,
  • Drying of the inner surfaces of the hoses after each use.

Hoses for which the device is designed:

  • hydrant hoses,
  • fire hoses.

Characteristics of the SW230 hose dryer:

  • allows two hoses of any size to be dried simultaneously using switches,
  • has overheating protection,
  • has space for the power cable and a box for coiled hoses,
  • mobile unit, mounted on a wheeled trolley,
  • simple and intuitive to use.

Equipment included in the SW230 hose dryer:

  • electric motor,
  • heater with overheating protection,
  • fan,
  • hose reel,
  • 2 hose-drying outlets terminated with STORZ 52 sockets,
  • aluminium cover to cover outlets 52,
  • Power cable,
  • control panel with on/off switch,
  • warranty card,
  • declaration of conformity,
  • technical and operational documentation.

The SW230 hose dryer can be retrofitted with the following components:

  • switches 25/52
  • switches 52/75