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HT-04 with GPS electronic pressure and performance measurement 

Application of HT-04 device:

  • electronic measurement of pressure and output of hydrants with determination of global position of the device.

The device is designed for hydrants:

  • internal DN25, DN33, DN52,
  • external DN80, DN100, DN150.

Characteristics of HT-04 device:

  • is an alternative to pressure gauges,
  • hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure measurement,
  • free choice of pressure and capacity units,
  • GPS reception function, i.e. determining the global position of the device,
  • chronological numbering of measurements from hydrants,
  • internal memory (100 results of hydrant measurements including GPS positions),
  • possibility to define any DN diameter for measurement,
  • powered by a built-in rechargeable battery,
  • Battery charging and data export to a computer is done via the USB output,
  • menu in Polish, German and English, intuitive operation,
  • backlit screen,
  • consists of components based on top-of-the-range electronic equipment.

Equipment included:

  • HT-04 device with GPS,
  • mains charger,
  • car charger,
  • lanyard,
  • transport bag,
  • the technical and propulsion documentation,
  • Certificate of Inspection,
  • declaration of conformity.

HT-04 device is fully compatible with other BIATECH products:

  • HYDRO-TEST device for hydrant efficiency testing
  • HYDRO-TEST IN device for testing efficiency of indoor hydrants
  • HYDRO-TEST OUT device for testing efficiency of external hydrants
  • SamSerwis software
  • SamSerwis GIS software
  • BIATECH Studio software