Hydrant service equipment


HYDRO-TEST OUT PLUS is a high-class device used for servicing, checking efficiency and periodical inspections of external hydrants DN80, DN100, DN150. Measurements made with the device comply with current standards and legal regulations. It cooperates with standard and glycerine filled manometers. Tests of hydrants are carried out using calibrated equivalent and measuring nozzles. Measuring technique with the device HYDRO-TEST OUT PLUS is based on the venturi method, in which three types of venturi are used: orifices, nozzles and Venturi nozzles. This method is widely used in laboratory and industrial practice.

HYDRO-TEST OUT PLUS was developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Bialystok University of Technology.

The HYDRO-TEST OUT PLUS set comprises:

  • universal body 52 with quick coupling,
  • a set of kryzed test nozzles for external hydrants (4 pieces),
  • pressure gauge up to 1.6 MPa,
  • pressure gauge up to 1.0 MPa,
  • adapter 52/75,
  • covers caps 75,
  • flat mounted hose 75 fittings,
  • Outlet guide vanes for external hydrants with swivel base,
  • universal key for hydrants,
  • storage and transport system - hand motive yellow
  • technical and operating documentation,
  • declaration of conformity,
  • calibration certificate for the crystallised test nozzles,
  • pressure gauge calibration certificate,

The HYDRO-TEST OUT kit can be retrofitted with the following measuring devices:

  • pressure gauge up to 1,0 MPa (standard and/or glycerine)
  • HT-04

If you need training in hydrant maintenance and inspection, we invite you to BIATECH TRAINING CENTRE