Hydrant service equipment

M1 Plus

Electronic Manometer M1 Plus

A new product in BIATECH's offer - M1 Plus digital pressure gauge - ensures precision, speed and comfort of taking measurements. Durable casing made of stainless steel and battery power supply enable flexibility and safety of work in various conditions. The device is equipped with a quick connector, which ensures compatibility with the HYDRO-TEST.

Device features:

  • execution: stainless steel;
  • tare function;
  • automatic switch-on;
  • Pressure units can be set - MPA, kPa, PSI, Bar, Kgf/cm2;
  • illuminated, easy to read screen, backlight on/off function;
  • min/max value memory;
  • designed for use with the HYDRO-TEST, connection by means of a quick coupling.