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CO2 extruder

PW-2 carbon dioxide extruder

The use of the PW-2 carbon dioxide extruder:

  • filling of portable pressure cylinders,
  • refilling of cylinders in which carbon dioxide losses have been identified.

Fire extinguishers for which the PW-2 is designed:

  • all pressure cylinders from 2 kg to 40 kg

Characteristics of the PW-2 carbon dioxide compressor:

  • has a wide range of applications, including in extinguisher maintenance shops and workshops,
  • an efficient stationary unit that allows precise filling of tanks with carbon dioxide,
  • CO2 cylinders can be used as a source of carbon dioxide,
  • has a connector suitable for connecting a stationary cylinder scale,
  • mobile device.

The equipment included in the PW-2 carbon dioxide pumping machine:

  • electric motor,
  • piston pump for liquid carbon dioxide,
  • pressure gauge,
  • electromagnetic switch,
  • Power cable,
  • safety valve,
  • carbon dioxide hoses with valves and quick-release couplings to connect the base and refill cylinders,
  • cable pocket,
  • warranty card,
  • declaration of conformity,
  • technical and operational documentation.

The PW-2 carbon dioxide extruder can be retrofitted with the following components:

  • spare tube with valves
  • stationary cylinder scale
  • CO2 cylinder