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Fire extinguisher maintenance table

Application of the fire extinguisher maintenance table:

  • carrying out periodic inspections of fire extinguishers,
  • maintenance of fire extinguishers,
  • minor repairs to fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers for which tools are designed:

  • all types of extinguishers

Characteristics of the fire extinguisher maintenance table:

  • a complete, proprietary set of professional tools for carrying out fire extinguisher maintenance,
  • the entire workshop at hand when carrying out fire extinguisher inspections,
  • The top is made of 36 mm thick plywood,
  • Tabletop coated with 3 mm polyurethane, resistant to chemical solvents (petrol, oils, brake fluid) acids and chemicals (phosphoric acid, hydrogen sulphide),
  • The polyurethane coating creates an impact-resistant (tensile strength 300 %) flexible surface, recommended for mechanical work,
  • robust table structure made of cold-rolled closed profile, which is fully welded and bolted,
  • In addition, a lower shelf - more space for essential tools.

Equipment included in the fire extinguisher maintenance table:

  • table with blackboard,
  • set of Z-type extinguisher spanners + handle,
  • test gauge for Type X extinguishers,
  • check pressure gauge for extinguishers with valve,
  • control manometer for nitrogen cylinders,
  • fire extinguisher holder,
  • charging kit for Type X extinguishers,
  • a set of adapters for Type X extinguishers,
  • sealing machine,
  • mass index,
  • cartridge weight,
  • firing pin pressure device,
  • fire extinguisher tank caps (3 pcs.),
  • head ejector,
  • felt set,
  • universal key "parrot",
  • multi-purpose pliers and pliers,
  • rubber hammer,
  • set of open-end spanners,
  • universal screwdriver,
  • key to K.Z.W.M. powder units,
  • tapping for manometer sockets,
  • vice,
  • hangers and containers.