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Cylinder cleaning machine CB-01

Use of the CB-01 cylinder cleaning machine:

  • removal of paint, stickers, rust from technical gas cylinders and fire extinguishers,
  • cylinder painting (thanks to the possibility of rotating the cylinder with the door open).

Cylinders for which the machine is designed:

  • all cylinders with a height of 200-1700 mm and a diameter of 20-260 mm.

Characteristics of the CB-01 cylinder cleaning machine:

  • has a wide range of applications, including in plants servicing technical gas cylinders, as well as in the fire protection industry,
  • The working platform allows the cylinder to be placed in the chamber without the need to adapt the floor (if the unit is purchased without a working platform, a 24 cm rise must be made in the floor),
  • The cylinder is cleaned by brushes that are driven by electric motors,
  • the cleaning mechanism moves in a reciprocating motion from bottom to top,
  • The brush position can be changed at any time by unlocking the feed drive mechanism and moving the brush position lever,
  • Dust and dirt are discharged outside the cleaning chamber via an extraction funnel,
  • LED lighting of the cleaning chamber,
  • stationary device.

Equipment included in the CB-01 cylinder cleaning machine:

  • cleaning machine CB-01,
  • top adapter internal diameter 80 mm,
  • top adapter inner diameter 42 mm,
  • bottom adapter for large cylinders,
  • bottom adapter for small cylinders,
  • pneumatic brush feed control,
  • external brush position adjustment lever,
  • warranty card,
  • technical and operational documentation.

The CB-01 cylinder cleaning machine can be retrofitted with the following components:

  • platform
  • compressed air gun with additional connection