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Pneumatic chuck UP-2

Use of the UP-2 pneumatic chuck:

Immobilisation of mobile pressure vessels for technical gases, fire extinguishers, etc. in order to:

  • unscrewing and screwing in threaded valves,
  • other maintenance activities.

Tanks for which the UP-2 pneumatic handle is designed:

  • all cylinders with a diameter of 100-270 mm

Characteristics of the UP-2 pneumatic chuck:

  • compressed-air powered actuator,
  • opening and clamping of the jaws by means of a foot valve,
  • three types of jaws ensure that different sizes of cylinders are properly gripped,
  • the assembly of the jaws is carried out using pins with pins - replacing them with another size is simple and quick,
  • removable and adjustable support depending on the height of the tanks,
  • stationary device,
  • has holes for mounting in the floor.

Equipment included in the UP-2 pneumatic chuck:

  • UP-2 pneumatic chuck,
  • interchangeable jaws for smaller and larger pressure vessels.