SamService Mobile

We persistently work on the continuous improvement and expansion of BIATECH's offer. The fruit of our efforts is the innovative SamSerwis Mobile software - an application whose capabilities radically increase the comfort of working with hydrants and fire extinguishers.

Tasks carried out by hydrant and fire extinguisher maintainers are often associated with heavy equipment, working on large machinery or problems with transferring data to different platforms.

The SamSerwisMobile programme is an extension for the SamSerwis system. The application is available for mobile devices (tablets, phones) with the Android system.

With the ability to synchronise data with the base system, the app significantly extends the capabilities of the SamSerwis programme to the company's employees' access to the data collected at the company. This data can be transferred to the mobile application in a variety of ways, with an internet connection no longer required on the premises. The app works offline and data synchronisation takes place at the company's headquarters, where the user has direct access to the SamSerwis programme.

The programme is compatible with devices such as BlueTest, the label printer and the barcode scanner, making the execution of surveys and the transfer of data even more efficient.