Hose service equipment

Portable hand pump PPR-2

Portable hand pump PPR-2

Pressure testing of hydrant hoses
Hoses which are equipment of internal hydrants should be pressure tested for maximum working pressure once every 5 years, according to the Polish Standard for the maintenance of internal hydrants. The detailed scope of inspection is in accordance with Polish Standard PN-EN 671- 3:2009.

The completion of the hose inspection is confirmed:

  • a record of the activities carried out;
  • control label (seal) on the hose;

A portable hand pump is used to perform periodic pressure tests on hydrant hoses to assess the performance of hydrants.

Why is the PPR-2 a good choice?
Hydrant hoses should be tested every 5 years for the maximum working pressure of the system. What does this mean in practice? This procedure, carried out with the aid of a pressure testing pump, is an obligation imposed by law - so since every company and institution using hydraulic equipment is obliged to do so, it is worth getting professional equipment. The PPR -2 reliably and efficiently illustrates the performance of hydrants.